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I remember baking cookies with my mom

Usually on weekends so she could supervise my ingredient mixing and eventual dealings with the oven. I have fond memories of storing fresh baked cookies in empty oats canisters and huge up-cycled mayonnaise containers (a family of 6 goes through a humorous amount of mayo, let me tell you). Sneaking into those containers to get cookies was one of the greatest thrills of life!

My first entrepreneurial bout with cookies was as a highly decorated Girl Scout with cookie sales that soared into the thousands yearly. When I was a Junior in High School I earned the opportunity to study abroad in advance of college and briefly lived in China! As you are probably aware, that sort of thing can be

E X P E N S I V E, so my mom did what she did best, make a way. We baked and sold cookies.

Sketch Arrow 2_edited.png

a young Verandah Girl Scout

Screen Shot 2021-03-09 at 7.01.28 AM.PNG

a teenage Verandah in China

Not just any cookies. When I think about it, these cookies were BAK'D!

BEST ingredients

KINDLY crafted


They were a hit! We sold SO many orders, I was able to take quite a bit of spending money with me. I still have souvenirs from 20 years ago.

So now here we are. Well, (my parents are deservingly retired from the cookie biz) here I am, making GOOD cookies that DO GOOD.


When starting this brand it was important to me that our cookies could be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere, anytime and that they were of better quality than something you'd find factory-manufactured on a grocery store shelf. There are no chemical preservatives, shelf stabilizers, or anything that would unnaturally extend the life of any of our products. I knew I wanted BAK'D products to be enjoyed by adults at the office, my own children at school on the playground, and anyone at home needing a snack break without the unknown junk processed foods tend to have.

EVERYONE deserves equitable access to quality foods. Period.

Every single batch is handmade with sustainable baking practices (trust me, my husband is vocal about the energy bill...) 

warmly, with cookies, 


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