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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use preservatives?

Absolutely NOT.

We DO NOT add chemical preservatives, shelf stabilizers, or anything that would unnaturally extend the shelf life or freshness of our products. Period. For this reason, it is always best to enjoy our cookies within 2 weeks.

Does this have nuts?

Some of our cookies like HALF BAK'D, REESE'S BAK'D, and PRALINE BAK'D contain nuts and/or peanut butter and will be clearly labeled. In fact, we label all cookies with common allergens like nuts

Is this really from scratch?

They absolutely ARE! ALWAYS baked-to-order for optimum freshness. If our cookies were made any more from scratch we would have harvested the wheat for flour, churned the butter, and mined the salt. 

How long do they stay fresh?

Our cookies are best enjoyed within 2 weeks if stored in a cool dry place. Refrigeration isn't necessary but is welcomed and will preserve freshness longer. No chemical preservatives or shelf stabilizers, remember. But they'll be eaten quickly, so you won't have to worry about that. Trust us.

Do you cater?

We sure do!

Website orders can be placed for 6 dozen or less but no order is too large for us. We just ask that you submit a contact form if you're needing over 6 dozen so that we may have an email/virtual consultation to make sure we can accommodate you within your desired time frame. We can also customize your order with gift bags, gift boxes, custom note cards, and other desires upon request for an additional fee.

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